Rabbit House, collaged diorama

As a collage artist, I search out images laced with memory and shadow using sources such as antique books, magazines, vintage ephemera, as well as other finds both natural and manufactured. I aspire to create the enchanted elsewhere, a place of both recollection and possibility. These surreal worlds exist in a realm neither here nor there, yet they appear oddly familiar as the stepping-stones to enter our beloved fairytales, fables and the story of Alice in Wonderland. Through my art, I explore these familiar narratives and reinterpret them through an intimate and personal lens. Often, my interest lies in the aftermath of the story - the “after” in the “Happily Ever After.”

As a child, the transformative aspects of paper captivated me. With a simple and well-placed fold, an inserted tab, some glue, and a sharp scissor – whether via paper dolls, pop-up books, or paper dioramas, magic could be made. My studio is home to countless drawers of images and objects and as yet unexplored magazines and discarded books collected over decades. My treasure trove of these images and sources are my palette.

I meticulously hand cut and manipulate these objects and images, often supplementing them with painting, precisely layering and often lifting them off the flat paper surface to create a dimensional narrative. I invite the viewer to fully explore this sleight of hand.

In my three dimensional constructions, I explore the myths of iconic characters and the fables they are trapped within. These structures are mainly made of paper, which is painted, cut and transformed to mimic wood shingles, ceramic tiles, linoleum flooring, and even striped wallpaper. Mirrors can play an important role in these constructions as a visual folly. By placing these miniature constructions under bell jars there is no actual means of entry or escape.

In the exploration of these rich and timeless narratives “The End” may just be the midpoint of the story and the rest of the tale is for me and you to discover.